Pre-schooler's alphabet
‘Pre-Schooler's Alphabet' is a teaching method for introducing children to the interplay of letters and sounds which words are composed of, and for teaching them to grasp the visual, phonic and graphic values of words and the links between them. Assisted by an adult, the child looks at the picture on a card, and says what is drawn on it. Then he/she looks for another card that has the name of the picture written on it: he/she pronounces the word, and tries to distinguish its sounds, and to associate them with letters. Having found the right word for a picture,
the child looks for letter cards, and tries to compose the same word.
Once the child acquires the skill, he/she can make meaningful sequences of picture, word and letter cards, grouping words and composing short stories.
27 picture cards,
27 word cards,
72 uppercase maps,
and the rules
30 min