LOGIS games have been produced since 1999. LOGIS board games for children are educational. Each year 4-6 new games are released. The company's intention is to release board games that allow the participating children to have an enjoyable time while developing their skills and learning at the same time.
These games are well established in the European markets. Under the terms of their licenses, they are available in the USA. These board games have been nominated for the German Deutscher Lehrspielpreis and they have been included in the lists of games recommended for the Kinderspiel des Jahres.
These games are produced by a Lithuanian-based company SAVAS TAKAS IR KO. This company also does graphic design, publishes books and other graphic products. SAVAS TAKAS IR KO is the founder and an on-going member of the Lithuanian Toy and Souvenir Association.
The games have been designed in such a way as to be independent of any specific language and easily adaptable to many languages. Therefore the company can offer quick production of the games in any language. Graphic adaption can bee offered as well. We are able to offer small production runs, starting from a few hundred units. We produce high quality products in a timely manner, with quick delivery. The company can offer free production of sales promotion material in the required language for partners. During 2012-2015 our company is taking part in an EU project and its marketing activity is supported by EU funds.
SAVAS TAKAS IR KO is looking for further partners for the LOGIS board games in European countries, as well as globally.

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